Turkey Meatball Pesto Extravaganza…SOUP

Feb 26, 2016Uncategorized, Weekly Specials

It sounds like a party in my mouth. I am Super excited about creating this new one. I hope you will order and enjoy it too!

ALSO…we’ve added Debo’s Cream of Chicken Soup to the menu. Of course, no preservatives and it is gluten free unlike the “leading brand from the can”. Great to serve fresh hot bread, with grilled cheese or to use in your favorite recipes.

WE WILL BE CLOSED…the week of March 21st. Just a heads up so you can plan ahead. THANK YOU!

(Pictured above)…my little Luke. He just turned 13 and we are celebrating his birthday this evening. I’m off to bake and create a chocolate birthday cake with a ramp/jump for the General Lee (from ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’) to jump across…wish me your best 🙂 I’ll post pics later.