Traditions for your Spirit

Nov 21, 2014Family, Food & Friends, Seasonal, Tradition


In life there are certain things you do that lift your spirit.  My family, friends and I have a Thanksgiving tradition that completely makes me giggle, laugh, smile big, and it completely lifts my spirit.

It’s been said, “you haven’t even been drinking and you act this silly and have so much fun with this”.  I give my mom the credit for that. She always taught us girls, my four sisters and I, to learn to have fun in the state we are in. And my mom and dad taught us this verse from The Bible: Phillipians 4:11 (KJV) “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”  That is one of the most important lessons in life.

The tradition goes like this:  Back in 1990, my best friend, two younger sisters and I had this wild idea.  It was Thanksgiving and we were out on the family farm.  Above the family farm is a ridge.  Up and over the ridge is an interstate overpass.  On hand we had a large roll of brown paper and a large black marker.  We made a large sign that read HAPPY THANKSGIVING”.  We all piled on the four wheeler (DO NOT do that!! I’ve since then learned that it’s against the rules to double on a four wheeler/via a four wheeler safety course)….ANYWAY…We drove over the river and through the woods to the interstate overpass.  We held up our sign and waved to oncoming traffic.  The responses were so fun and heart warming, that we haven’t skipped a year since then.

We now have a more permanent sign, an old painted tablecloth stapled to tobacco poles.  It works for now.  Our parade of folks that join us up on the overpass has grown since that first year.  Some experience it and roll their eyes, others come back every year to join in for it makes them giddy too.

If you just happen to be driving North or South on I-75 between the Calhoun and Riceville, Tennessee exits and you see these crazy people waving frantically and jumping up and down on an overpass, they’re just trying to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Love to y’all this Thanksgiving holiday from the Anziano’s and the rest of the Family Farm.