Up and Running

Jan 7, 2016Savor!, Weekly Specials

Pictured above is my freezer up and running and ready to go.  It was the simplest fix that I didn’t dream was possible, but am ever so thankful for.  Just a couple of wires that had mingled and melted together.  Thanks to our incredibly talented maintenance guy (Ruby says he is magical),  he found the problem quick as a wink and the freezer is happy again, but will be happiest (and so will we) when it’s back to full capacity 🙂

Just a little tidbit:  Pictured on the shelves are our “rapid cool paddles”.  They are filled with water, then frozen.  These are used to insert into a pot of soup after it has finished cooking to cool the soup as quickly as possible 😉

Remember to let us know what you would like to see back on the menu/back on the freezer shelves/back on your table.  Thank you for sticking with us through this crazy adventure <3