This may come as a surprise but…

May 30, 2021On Another Note..., Weekly Specials

This upcoming month of June marks 20 Years you have been following me…well at least most of you.

I will not be cooking the next two weeks. This first week I am going to tag team with my web designer to change some information on my website for this turn of the past two decades celebrating these 20 years that y’all have been following me.

We are going to be careful to not lose what we’ve developed over these years. And we are excited to reveal where we are now.

The second week of June 7th I will be fine tuning everything here at The Victoria House to prepare for a large group of ladies (one of whom has been following me since our beginning days at Anziano’s Deli in June 2001). They are coming here to celebrate their first “Girls Night Out” adventure since COVID. I am stoked to have them here.

Please stay tuned for all that’s upcoming and new. I am excited to have you along.