The Essence of Tableness

Feb 15, 2013Savor!

A table makes a room more inviting.  Imagine a dining room filled with chairs and no table…it seems empty.  You expect a table should be there.  Imagine a living room with a couch and a couple of sitting chairs and no end table and no coffee table.  Sure there are homes where the living room situation with no table exists.  Though it’s not quite as comfortable.  You find yourself looking for a location to set your drink, the magazine you’re thumbing through, or a spot to prop your feet.

It is a known fact…the more table top/counter top surfaces you have in your home…the more stuff  you have lying around.  I look around our home and if there is a tabletop/counter top surface…there is stuff  placed upon these surfaces.  Not “decorative” stuff, well some,  but mostly STUFF…the ipod with headphones, the bags of Valentines from school, the weather radio (from the last storm, which was almost two weeks ago), the library books, the pile of mail/bills, leftover breakfast dishes…you get the point.

I toy with the above fact.  Do I downsize the table top/counter top surfaces, thus creating less space to conveniently put your stuff…probably not.  We keep the counter top/table tops available for it’s those spots that:  1.hold all of the dishes for the Thanksgiving Feast 2. Prop your feet after a tired day 3. Hold the kiddos library books 3. allow you to sit and fellowship through food 4. What’s number four for you?

If you have a specific dining room in your home with a table and chairs, my guess is you have a much more inviting table in your kitchen that is more welcoming.  We have a kitchen table.  To my preference, it is round.  More often than not, one chooses a table size/shape to fit the room it is going in.  A round or square table is more intimate.  We’ve all been at a rectangle table setting where you’re with a party of ten/twelve and you’re only able to visit with half of the party because you can’t see/hear the others down the table.  For this reason, I love a round table.

Rectangle or Round, Short or Tall…have fun around your table…don’t stress about it.  Make yourselves sit down to dinner together.  You’ll find out more about each other and chances are…you’ll clear that table of all the stuff  just for the occasion 🙂