The Carrot Taste Test Challenge

Jun 8, 2015Family, On Another Note...

Carrots are Carrots, yes? No, they’re not. I love carrots and have shopped the market quite a bit. In fact I DONT buy a 50 pound bag of carrots (from my food supplier) to cook with at Debo’s Kitchen. The cost is much better, but the flavor…for that size of a bag of carrots, they are jumbo and their taste is severely compromised.

Who buys those little “baby-cut” carrots? Everyone does. It wasn’t very long ago that a family member told me, “I worked in the plant that makes the chlorine to wash those carrots”. WHAT!?! But they’re “organic”. Well, yes, organically grown. But after the fact…

So these chemically cleaned carrots I am speaking of are “baby-cut” carrots. Everybody buys them. They’re convenient. They’re easy. That’s what we all shoot for these days. I buy them on occasion, but only when I am in super need for convenience. They taste different to me and the “whitish” look that appears on them after a few days of being opened just turns my appetite away from them and I usually end of feeding the remaining bag to the chickens/rabbits.

This last week while at the beach I bought a bag of my all time favorite carrots (pictured above). I buy organic Bunny-Luv carrots whenever they’re available. My husband even surprised me last Christmas with a 25 pound bag, and I loved it. Well, my cousin bought a bag of the “baby-cut” carrots.

Naturally when it came time to fix the kid’s plates we would toss on a few of the baby-cut carrots. My little cousin had a horrible time with the carrots. He would chew them for thirty minutes. Then he needed water to aid him in swallowing them. I have seen this happen before with children and food. It was nothing new. I didn’t think much about it until I was on my way home. I had chosen to finish that bag of baby-cut carrots off while driving home. Oh My Word! Of course I eat one at a time. I don’t know how to just take a bite and swallow. I just pop one of those small guys in, chew, then trying to swallow was a whole different ball game. I had to drink water to assist. At our next stop to fuel up I dug out the bag of leftover whole “Bunny-Luv” carrots to compare, to do a “taste-test challenge”. The eating experience was a completely different story. The WHOLE large Bunny-Luv carrot was sweeter, more moist, and I didn’t need water to wash it down.

I will admit it. I am a carrot snob. I think we all should be. Do the carrot taste test challenge and let me know what you think. I think we should all eat more carrots. Raw. Just eat them. Your body will be so happy! Here are 10 awesome facts about carrots. By the way. I eat at least two large Bunny Luv carrots a day. I never peel them. I rinse them and devour. They are DELISH!