Thank Y’all…

Sep 9, 2021Weekly Specials

For Loving My Foods!!!

Yes, when you reach and say, “Hey Debo, can I get some ______ this week?”…it’s a boost. I love hearing from y’all! This next weeks menu for delivery Thursday, September 16th.

Tomato Florentine Soup $15/quart

Tomato Dill Soup $15/quart

Shrimp Bisque $18/quart

Carrot Ginger Soup $16/quart.

If you crave a vegan version of any of the soups, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ♥️ $2.00 extra/quart

Chicken Salad

Pasta Salad

Original Pimiento Cheese

Chipotle Cheese

Buckshots Bacon Cheese

Also available: Other Soups in the freezer

$2.00 Delivery Fee (unless your location is a distance further. Ask me and I’ll give you your delivery charge)

Payments accepted: *cash (exact change please) *checks payable to Deborah Anziano *venmo @deboskitchen

PLACE ORDERS by emailing me moc.ntesuohairotcivnull@obed

Thanks Y’all!