Teachers at Christmastime

Dec 30, 2012Savor!

Pictured above, my Mom, one of my most favorite teachers!

Typically this time of the year we parents are wondering, “what is something unique and special to get for our children’s teachers to let them know how special they are at Christmastime?”.  My thoughts were a little different or should I say they went a little deeper this year for a couple of reasons.

Teachers are all around us.  From teachers at school to the people around you that make up your family.  Teachers:  The people in this world that make it go round and round and round.  I have often thought and said, “my children would not be half the children they are without all of the people/teachers around them”.  The first person I left my children with, were their preschool teachers.  Those ladies still hold extra special places in my heart.

There are many different words for teacher in the thesaurus.  Some of my favorites:  instructor, adviser, counselor, missionary, guard, guardian, and nurse.  Guard and Guardian…those words are striking as I remember the tragedy that struck our nation on December 14th.  I think of all the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and how in one day they were examples of all of those words.  Most every day school teachers will have the opportunity to be an instructor, adviser, counselor, missionary and nurse.  But that day, December 14th, 2012 many of the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School if not all were guardians against something we never expected.

Most often when someone refers to a teacher it’s referring to a school setting.  I had many special teachers throughout my years in school.  This last week during my Christmas deliveries I was able to reconnect with one very extra special one.  One of my most favorites.  My fourth grade teacher.  I’ll call her Mrs. P, as I didn’t get her permission to write about her.  She placed her first order with Debo’s Kitchen and we were able to reconnect.  I delivered to her and she invited me in for a visit.

When I was in grade school I had a special group of friends that I am still connected with to this day.  I was (and suppose I still am) a very social being.  In grade school I had quite the time learning to control my “chatter box”.  In fourth grade, Mrs. P. had a partition constructed and placed me in the back of the room with this wall around me to help control my talking.

My friends and I tease about it to this day.  When Mrs. P. walked out of the room I would lift the wall and talk to my friends…shame on me!  During our visit the week before Christmas, Mrs. P. confided in me that the years my friends & I were in grade school were some of her favorite years as a teacher.  I was surprised at first to hear this.  She continued to say, “Well, Deborah, look what I did to you”.  I seemed puzzled at first and then she went on to say, “remember, I put a wall around you”.  I just laughed.  I had no idea that she remembered that as fondly as I did.  Mrs. P. went on to say, “If a teacher did something like that nowadays it wouldn’t go over so well”.  She said, “but look what it did to us.  We formed a relationship”.  We sure did Mrs. P.  I love you dearly and cannot wait to visit with you again soon!

I think for most of our nation the meaning of Teachers at Christmastime will forever go a little bit deeper than it did before.  My prayers will forever be with the families, friends, and communities involved in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School the week before Christmas on December 14, 2012.