To Tame Or Not To Tame

Jul 2, 2014Kids' Corner

Hi my name is Luke aka the chicken man.  Today I will talk about me and my Poppit trying to tame my rooster.

One day he picked me up from school and  I asked him can we catch the rooster. he said yes.

When we got to the house we went out to the chicken coop and started trying to catch it.

He did not like the idea of us trying to catch him.   But, we cornered him and caught him.  My mom took our picture. we held him for a while, Then we went and turned him loose.   We tried to catch him again and again.  All he ever wanted to do was attack us, every time we went in the coop.  It was a terrible experience.

We finally got word that Dominque Roosters can be the meanest of all.  We decided to eat for Sunday Lunch.  He was delicious.