Summer Flowers are spent

Aug 25, 2014In the Garden, Weekly Specials

Summer Flowers are beginning to look spent, at least mine are, but summer tomatoes and other vegetables are at their prime…making the best soups especially our Gazpacho:)

This week we are trying our hand at a new soup. I found it on Twitter. A friend posted it from her grandmothers old recipe notebook. She calls it, “Refreshing Lettuce Soup (from my grandmothers notebook)”. It can be served cold or hot. Of course, I am going to put my own “Debo” twist on it, incorporating some kale for the added nutritional benefits. It won’t be vegetarian, it will contain the bacon from the original recipe, but will be gluten free. Here’s is the link to the original blog with the recipe from our friends at La Dolce Vita in case you would like to make it yourself:)