Apr 29, 2016Weekly Specials

Howdy Folks. We are working on streamlining a bit. We are working towards operating the way we did in the beginning in 2008…yes, it’s been that long 🙂

What has happened:
Our customer base has grown 🙂 and that’s a GREAT thing, THANK YOU.

What we are doing differently:
Well you know we like to do things differently around here so instead of saying, We will have a “Special of the Week”, it is going to be called our “SMASH OF THE WEEK”. That SMASH will NOT be available every week, but will cycle back around in a few weeks…maybe every six weeks or so it will cycle back around. So PLEASE order a few to put in your freezer.

How we will work with you:
If you are out of town when there is a SMASH you would like to order…LET US KNOW… we will reserve it (as many as you need) in the freezer for delivery the next week.

Our online menu:
Will feature our SMASH of the week and whatever else we have the capabilities of manufacturing for the week.

We hope this works for everyone. We love requests for “SMASH of the week” and we love hearing from you. It has been a great ride, please stay with us. You put the supper on our table, help pay for Luke’s banjo lessons and Ruby’s mandolin lessons…THANK YOU and much LOVE, Chef Debo