Still Cookin’

Dec 14, 2018Family, On Another Note...

Hey Y’all. Over the past two years folks have reached out and the messages are often the same, “Hey! I’ve missed hearing from you. Are you still cookin’?”  All who inquired thought they had fallen off
my list of contacts. I quit reaching out to y’all and I’m sorry.

December 2016, Our children, Luke and Ruby were still babes to me, my dads dementia wasn’t quite as advanced as it is now and we found out my mom had papillary serous carcinoma (a rare and aggressive uterine/cervical cancer).

With our children growing up too quickly, the news of my moms cancer on top of my dads already diagnosed dementia…it caused me to want to slow down and be PRESENT every chance I could be. 

For those of you from The Anziano Deli days when our children were born and toddling around (2001-2008), Luke is almost 16 and Ruby is almost 14.  I’m grasping on to the fact that I’ve got to start letting go. 

My Mom tackled her cancer in 2017 following her treatment plan. Then December 2017 the pet scan revealed the cancer came back. This 2018, she has followed her treatment plan again, but the nature of her cancer is a stubborn one. A rare one. An aggressive one. Thankfully the chemo is holding it sort of steady. We just cherish every moment together. With my dad too. Thankfully I’ve four beautiful sisters that are here for this journey too. 

YES, I’m still cooking. To those that have reached out over the past two years, it was a dose of encouragement every time. It was a boost to keep going. Thank you! About six months ago, David left the food industry for the first time ever in his career.  He is now working for Advance Financial and enjoying it.  

Debo’s Kitchen is still Debo’s Kitchen, established 2008. We’ve added an extension though. Debo’s Kitchen is “Debo’s Kitchen at The Victoria House”. September 9, 2017 I began renovating the upstairs of the farmhouse my sisters and I grew up in, where we moved in fall of 2014. It is now a Bed and Breakfast OPEN for business. “The Victoria House” is named for my mom and each room for the sister that resided there growing up. COME STAY WITH US and I’ll cook you breakfast!  Y’all Come! Each room is listed on  There is a link below.