Soups On and Cheese too

May 14, 2016Uncategorized, Weekly Specials

pictured is our Tomato Dill Soup…order some πŸ™‚

This week we are DELIVERING on WEDNESDAY πŸ™‚

Gazpacho is ON HOLD this week…we will probably alternate it biweekly this Spring/Summer. It will return next week.

We have a new cheese on the menu…Smoky Pepper Cheese…a pimento style cheese, but no pimentos…order some and let us know what you think.

We are making a wonderful farm fresh Broccoli Soup. Roasted Broccoli Soup with a Smoked Gouda Crouton. The Broccoli is from Farmer Jennifer at The Fresh Green Farm in Ooltewah, Tennessee. I will toss the broccoli with a little coconut oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper then roast it in the oven until a bit crisp. This soup’s base will be vegetable stock loaded with other veggies. I will add the crisp broccoli at the end as to NOT overcook it to a mush. You may heat and top with the smoked gouda crouton and serve. Bon appetit πŸ™‚