Vegetable Stew

Jan 14, 2021Weekly Specials

Vegetable Stew

Jan 14, 2021 | Weekly Specials

Hey Y’all.

Cheers to our Fresh Start of 2021 and WELCOME to Our “Soup of the Week” gig. Once every few weeks we will switch out our Soup of the Week for our famed Anziano’s Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad and Potato Salad Trio. And if we get enough requests we may let our delectable and spontaneous Pimento Cheese Collection take a turn in the spotlight.

Any other dishes that you miss, y’all come stay the night at The Victoria House, our bed and breakfast, and request that dish for a dining in treat. You can book your stay online at Airbnb.

I decided to stay on the lighter side for this weeks selection:

Vegetable Stew.

You can expect a thick hearty stew… simply a vegetable delight.

What you might come across:

  • A Lucky Bay Leaf
  • Something Green
  • A Pop of Orange
  • Pinch of Purple
  • Mirepoix of Course
  • Cow Peas…aka The Black Eyed Pea…as if you’ve not had yours yet then you’re in need for luck of this new year new year.

$14.50/ziploc quart
$2.00/delivery/packaging fee
Delivered Frozen

Need a little bit more? Add on a mini skillet of “Poppits Mexican Cornbread” for $5.00.

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