Silver Springs Vineyard

May 29, 2021Uncategorized

Stick around to see how wallpaper and a vineyard go together

Wallpaper used to be a big deal in our world growing up. It has recently come back in style. When wallpaper is tastefully picked out, hung properly matching any designs at the seams, it can add character to a wall like nothing else. What does wallpaper have to do with The Silver Springs Winery? Hang on, I’ll get to that.

As a child I spent many hours in the local wallpaper store. I believe it was called The Riceville Discount Wallpaper Store on Highway 11 between Athens and Cleveland, Tennessee. It was owned by Ralph Trent. My Mom and her friend would meet there and hang out searching for the latest wallpaper to adorn their walls at home. My moms friend would bring her daughter and we would play on the playground there that they had for children or, if we were lucky, we got to pick out wallpaper to redo our bedrooms in.

My memories of Riceville, Tennessee are The Riceville Hardware, which just closed its doors this passed month, The Riceville Discount Wallpaper Store and a gas station. We have never had a red light, to my knowledge. I’m still ok with that and it’s simplicity.

The demand for wallpaper went away and I remember many painstaking days of removing it. That’s a whole other story. I remember it being sad to see the wallpaper store close. I remember it being sad to pass by it, desolate, empty, deserted. That area needed life.

I remember the day when I first saw life come back to that building. It was very early one morning and I passed by to see lights on and cars parked in the driveway. What was happening there?

Time passed and I remember hearing that The City Cafe of Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee, their beautiful, delicious, decadent five layer cakes were baked at a bakery in Riceville, Tennessee. If you are from here then it didn’t take you long to make the connection. The new bakery was in Ralph’s old wallpaper store. That was the life I had noticed there.

To me, how cool a new foodie in the area. For years there was no name on the bakery, no storefront. Then somewhere around 2017 there was new construction beginning on the property beside the old wallpaper store gone secret bakery. Before I knew it they had painted the old wallpaper store and placed a name on it, Vienna Bakery. This brought joy to my heart. Someone was taking pride in a part of the town I grew up in, but who was it and what else were they building.

All I know for sure is his name is George. He is originally from Greece. He’s entirely hospitable, makes delicious wines, desserts, and the BEST Greek food this side of the Mississippi from his Silver Springs Winery and Greek Cafe on Highway 11. Right here in Riceville, Tennessee. When the weather is fitting they have live music events too. If you haven’t been you are missing out.

So book a stay with us here, at The Victoria House. You not only get to party with Me, but with George too 🥰.