An Old Favorite

Apr 21, 2021Weekly Specials

Our Honey Mustard and Chipotle Mayonnaise are favorites among many.

These two spreads/dips are classics from Our Anziano Deli Days, Downtown Chattanooga (June 2001-September 2008). Along with Our Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad and Original Pimiento Cheese, these are all recipes that are about to turn twenty years young 😉

The Honey Mustard was served along our Chicken Finger Basket and Folks would always request an extra side for their French Fries. The Chipotle Mayonnaise was served on our Lydia’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich and it was requested on many other deli sandwiches. Order a piece of Anziano’s Deli History today 🥰

ORDERS DUE BY: Days end Sunday April 25th for delivery on Thursday April 29th, to moc.nehctiksobednull@obed THANK YOU 😊

Chicken Salad

Pasta Salad

Original Pimiento Cheese

Bacon Cheese

Chipotle Cheese

Honey Mustard $6/pint $12/quart

Chipotle Mayo $6/pint $12/quart

SOUPS IN THE FREEZER $15/quart these are available on a first come first serve basis. Email me, moc.nehctiksobednull@obed to see what’s available

$2.00 delivery fee

Pay upon delivery. Payment methods accepted:

  • Cash is great 😊 (exact change please)
  • Check, payable to “Deborah Anziano”
  • Venmo @deboskitchen

Craving More?

Any other dishes that you miss, y’all come stay the night at The Victoria House, our bed and breakfast, and request that dish for a dining in treat. You can book your stay online at Airbnb This is the link to one room. There are four total rooms available. Check out all of our accommodations