Reuben’s Debo Style

Apr 24, 2015Recipes

If you like a Reuben Sandwich you are likely to crave one from time to time and sometimes you’ve just GOTTA get your hands on one.  If you don’t eat gluten then you’ve hit a roadblock in the land of the Classic Reuben Sandwich…grilled corned beef and sauerkraut piled high and topped with Swiss Cheese on grilled rye/pumpernickel bread spread with your choice of Thousand Island Dressing, Russian Dressing or Dijon Mustard.  This week I had a hankering for a Reuben Sandwich.  I recently cut gluten from my daily eating habits, so I needed an alternative.  Pictured above are two ways I managed to satisfy that craving.

The top picture is simply a few large leaves from a head of purple cabbage, some sandwich spread, corned beef, and swiss cheese.  It was light, crisp and delicious.  The CRUNCH from the purple cabbage was a pleasant surprise for a reuben sandwich.  The cabbage flavor was an awesome “not so messy” substitute for the traditional sauerkraut and made this Debo’s style Reuben ten times easier to eat on the go in my car, and of course the obvious…the cabbage was a substitute for the classic rye/pumpernickel bread.  An all around A+ in my book.

The picture at the bottom is simply a baked potato stuffed with my spread of choice (Thousand Island Dressing), Grilled Corned Beef and Sauerkraut, and topped with Swiss Cheese.  These days I find myself baking a whole pan of potatoes just to have on hand when I need them…kind of like having the convenience of a loaf of bread in the fridge.

Even if you’re not going the gluten free route I still suggest trying these Debo Style Reuben’s.