One Soup at a Time

Jan 6, 2016Weekly Specials

In the beginning of Debo’s Kitchen we operated in a way that allowed you to order the soup/casserole of the week, etc… and stock your own freezer with that particular item.  We will do this again.  One soup at a time, one week at a time and we will slowly build our inventory back to where it was.

The “soup/special of the week” will depend on the response we get from you.  We would like to know what you want.  So, please let us know.

Today I am making the first soups to stock my freezer shelves, Tomato Florentine Soup, Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup and Tomato Dill Soup.  I am also making a batch of Purple Hull Pea soup similar to the Hopping John recipe I shared in a previous blog.  These Purple Hull Peas I collected this last summer at the farmers market.  I hulled them, rinsed them and put them up in the freezer for a rainy day that just needed a ray of fresh sunshine and a little good blessing 🙂 All of these soups will be available for ordering this next week.