One Answer

Oct 17, 2012Food & Friends

There’s only one answer.  Someone has asked you, “if you had to pick ONE food to live with for the rest of your life what would it be?”.  Well, is it fair to say… “soup”?  There are infinite possibilities with soup, but it is often considered a singular food on it’s own.  By the way, if you look up “singular” in the dictionary, it can mean:  one soup OR remarkable soup. Although “soup” would be my one answer to the question…I much prefer for “singular soup” to mean the latter 🙂

Early fall is thought of to be ideal for soup making because of the abundance of local produce available at the farmers market.  The cooler weather snaps kinda put some people in the mood for soup.  I on the other hand prepare soups all year long and could eat soup every day of the year.  In the Spring I tend to be inspired by what will soon be breaking ground in the garden, a corn chowder or a tomato soup.  There’s just something about a bowl of gazpacho with fresh local Summer tomatoes.  In the Fall and Winter, there’s really not a soup that you can wrong with.  Everyone’s in the mood then and anything goes.

Soups are a crowd pleas-er for all ages.  Whether your five year old daughter is having a birthday party, surprise…your son is having his college friends over for game day, your having trick or treaters gather at your house for mealtime, OR you want to impress the neighbors with a gathering…a variety of soups should do the trick.  Not only is it good for pleasing people of all ages, it’s also great because there’s nothing to do when it’s showtime. You can make your soups the day before or have them simmering two hours ahead of time.  Soups are just that easy.

Something fun about having soups for your next gathering…the garnishes.  You can keep it simple with breads and cheeses or you can go the next step and have a table full of garnishes for the kids or adults to choose from.  In the culinary world a garnish should always be edible.  When garnishing a soup you generally want to pick an ingredient that is in the soup, something that kinda goes along with the soup, or just something fun.  For example, this week I am making Southern Beef Stew.  I will probably garnish the beef stew with cornbread:  by adding an extra egg or two to your cornbread recipe you’ll be able to cut the cornbread into bite sized pieces, kind of like cornbread croutons.  It’s casual, but nothing suits a bowl of stew better than cornbread.  You could even fry bite sized pieces of cornbread…kind of like hush puppies and cluster them on top of your bowl of stew.

OK OK OK…no I am not hosting a fraternity party next week, but even if I was I could guarantee that the party would be successful with serving a variety of soups.  Pick three of your favorites.  I am sure everyone will be happy.

Write me back  for soup ideas for all ages or some fun garnishes for guests to choose from 🙂