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Mar 26, 2021Weekly Specials

We are thankful everyone we know stayed safe during the storms and we are praying for those that were in the storms pathway. I heard from several folks that ordered last weeks special “Chicken ‘n Dumplins”. It makes me very happy to have provided a comfort meal for the evening of storms that lent anxiety to most.

This Weeks Menu

Chicken Salad

Pasta Salad

Original Pimiento Cheese

Bacon Cheese

Chipotle Cheese

SOUPS IN THE FREEZER $15/quart these are available on a first come first serve basis.

$2.00 delivery fee

Pay upon delivery. Payment methods accepted:

  • Cash is great 😊 (exact change please)
  • Check, payable to “Deborah Anziano”
  • Venmo @deboskitchen

Send your order by Sunday March 28th for delivery on Thursday April 1st, to moc.nehctiksobednull@obed.

Craving More?

Any other dishes that you miss, y’all come stay the night at The Victoria House, our bed and breakfast, and request that dish for a dining in treat. You can book your stay online at Airbnb.

And you can always inquire about What’s in the Freezer”.