Anziano’s Deli Classic Originals

Jan 20, 2021Weekly Specials

Anziano’s Deli Classic Originals

Jan 20, 2021 | Weekly Specials

Hey Y’all.

Oh, you’re in for a treat this week – we’re celebrating Throwback Thursday with the Anziano’s Deli Classic Originals. These staples of our Chattanooga deli are pretty much guaranteed to hit the spot and make you smile.

On the Menu

Chicken Salad
$25/quart  $14/pint

Pasta Salad
$18/quart  $10/pint

Pimento cheese
$25/quart  $14/pint
*Warning: very, very, addictive.

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Orders accepted through Saturday 1/23 for delivery on Thursday 1/28.

Craving More?

Any other dishes that you miss, y’all come stay the night at The Victoria House, our bed and breakfast, and request that dish for a dining in treat. You can book your stay online at Airbnb.