No See-ums and Garlic??

Sep 24, 2012On Another Note...

A reason to create a blogging category titled “To relish or to Not To Relish”…all it took was the first day of Fall feeling every bit like the first day of Fall should with the exception of the remainder of the summertime “no see-ums”.  Granted, I probably won’t write in this category very often…I want my life to be more about “relishing” moments rather than not.

Although “auto correct” doesn’t recognize the name… Google sure does.   From graphic pictures to all natural remedies to repel this pesky creature…Google’s got it.  I will spare you the pictures…as I see them too up-close and personal every day throughout the summer.  My family suffers from the no-seeums as we strive to live every minute outside that we can…tis so good for one’s heart and soul.

One remedy is to eat garlic and enjoy brewers yeast of some form.  I can’t imagine the quantity of intake of garlic to repel no-seeums.    Our “way of eating” includes a good share of garlic.  I’ve been known to enjoy a beer although it’s not my beverage of choice.  I did read slathering your body in baby oil can help.  I’ve never quite figured out what “baby oil” was practical for, but I think I will give it a shot at this…seeing my kiddos are a little too young to enjoy their first beer and it seems impossible to work more garlic into our diets without just randomly popping cloves…maybe we should  try that…but then we would repel everyone/everything…OH WELL 🙂