A Lifetime Journey

Jan 5, 2016Health, Testimonials

Weight loss has been a lifetime journey for me.  I was overweight as a preteen. When I was 13 years old I joined my parents on a “diet”.  It was on that diet that I learned to eat better.  We ate fish, chicken, salad, vegetables, etc.  I lost 40 pounds that year going from 195 pounds to 155 pounds.  I will admit, learning to keep the weight off at a young age has been a benefit to me.

Exercise plays a big role in my lifetime journey of weight loss…most people don’t want to hear that part.  I do believe you CAN lose weight and keep it off without exercise (that requires some “super clean” eating), but what fun is it to NOT be strong?  What fun is it to NOT be able to get in the floor and play with my kids?  What fun is it to NOT be able to hike with my family?  To me, life it just more fun because I CAN do all of those things and more.

When I was 16 years old I decided to start exercising on a regular basis.  I was never involved in organized sports.  Hauling square bales of hay and speed walking to race to the end of the chicken house with two five gallon buckets of feed were our sports here on the farm. I wanted a change.  Just something that was more consistent.  I did a couple of different step aerobic videos until the age of 20. At 20 years old I started running. This past November I celebrated my 40th birthday as “20 years running”…thankful I can still get out and jog/run whenever I want to. Sometimes “life” gets in the way and I am always thankful when I can get back on track.

Yes, the older I get the slower my metabolism becomes and the more aches I feel.  In 2010 I decided to make some changes in my diet based on the way I felt.  I started eating “cleaner”…whole foods, only “complete” whole grains, and NO refined sugars. Yes, I cheat and occasionally (especially this time of year) eat other foods, but for the most part I follow these simple rules.

As we get older our bodies change and require different things. Some people result to the doctor and medications for these changes.  I like to try changing things in my diet plan first.  So far this has proven to be the best solution for me.  In May of 2015   I made a couple of more changes to my diet and so far so good. Here is to 2016.  It’s a lifetime journey that I started at a young age and for that I am thankful.  If you ever have any questions or just want to talk about your journey, I have an ear.  Good Health, Diet and Exercise are something I am passionate about.