My Rabbits and Bunnies

Apr 9, 2015Kids' Corner

Hello my name is Ruby Anziano and I have five bunnies(babies) and four(adults). I will tell you about them.  The name of the mother of the five bunnies is Mamas Little Girl. The name of the five bunnies are Meunster, Walnut, Tie – die, Fluff, and Root beer. The name of my grown black and white bunny is Mr. Fluffy-pants. The name of my brown, black, and white bunny is Hershey. The name of my white albino rabbit is Duke. Those are the names of my  bunnies and rabbits.

Here are some of the types of my bunnies and rabbits. I have quite a few of lion heads. One of my albino bunnies is a lion head. My other albino  bunny – rabbit is a baby so I can’t tell but I believe its a lion head. Hershey is a Mini Rex and Dutch mix. My other bunnies I’m not very sure.

I love bunny rabbits very much and I hope you do to. they are soft and cuddly. they are adorable, sweet,they LOVE grass, and also LOVE fresh veggies and fruit. They are my favorite animal and I’m happy to be a rabbit farmer!!