Apr 9, 2015Family

As I have said before when you don’t receive an email/blog notification from me, it does not mean we are closed.  We are open…”LIFE” is just simply happening.  Our lives are ever-evolving, and I must add the dynamics are exciting.  If it happened any other way, I just wouldn’t know what to expect.

In the picture above there are a few examples of life.  My dear sister, Lydia, for one…and she is expecting a baby at the end of May…we ARE SO EXCITED about this…stay tuned.  And yes, she is holding two of the newest members of Ruby’s Rabbits…also stay tuned for more on Ruby’s Rabbits…

Farmer Luke currently has chickens in four different stages of LIFE…it’s hard to keep up with them…it seems he’s either raising them for 4-H, busy hatching a few or sneaking a few in the cart at Tractor Supply. He keeps his chickens in full circle to make sure his prominent laying hens stay healthy and lay well.   He is a hard worker if I’ve ever seen one and doesn’t let his farming interfere with his school studies…that’s a plus:) Remember to order some of his FARM FRESH eggs.

Farmer Ruby is extremely nurturing with her rabbits.  She loves them as if they’re her own.  And it seems they’re never in short supply. She took some time to write about them this week. Please take a minute and read what she has to say about the new LIFE here on the farm.

Debo’s Kitchen original delivery vehicle is “no more”. We laid the good ole Toyota Sienna to rest last week. With the few 326,000 miles it had, it just couldn’t go anymore. It gave us all the LIFE it had and then some. We are happy to say it is being replaced…stay tuned to see what Toyota is next:)

LIFE goes on and we are thankful for everyday we wake up, for it’s a new day.