kitchen gadgets

Mar 2, 2015Savor!

In my opinion they too often get in the way, collect dust, get shoved to the back of the drawer or cabinet. I usually don’t purchase them, but THIS ONE is a lifer…”will be in my kitchen for life”.  And guess what…it currently has been plopped down permanently in a cute little dish on my counter where I squeeze my lemon every day.  It’s a pretty big deal when I make a specific spot for something on my counter…I’m not into clutter  <3  I LOVE IT

It squeezes the life out of the lemon…it’s oils, juice, and all….and you don’t get any juices or oils on your hands 🙂  It’s a win win.  It feels as though it’s made of a strong metal and coated in enamel…I’m not sure about that, but it feels as though it is very durable!

I ordered it at a Pampered Chef party I went to recently.  At home and at Debo’s Kitchen, my pampered chef favorites are their stoneware, their scrapers (as they refer to them)…I like to call them spatulas…to each his own :), and their measuring cups to name a few.

If you need contact info of a local Pampered Chef Consultant please email Katrina Smith at