An Invitation

Oct 23, 2014Family, Food & Friends

Chef Debo and Family

Cordially Invite You To Visit Their New Website

We now have an online shopping cart for your convenience.  Our email announcements have changed.  From now on you will receive a link to our latest blog post.  It may be about the Special of the Week or simply the latest happenings at Debo’s Kitchen or the farm life out on the Family Farm.  Either way, life is always exciting around here.  After you’ve shopped around the website and you are ready to place your order, you will need to pick a delivery location:

1.  You are more than welcome to come out to Debo’s Kitchen on the farm and pick up your order for FREE.  If you choose that option, then please email us to set up a day/time.  

2. Meet Debo or Dave out and about…these locations are places we deliver to on a regular basis during regular business hours (usually before lunch time on Thursdays).  Take your pick and we can let you know an exact time after all orders are in for the week.  

3.  Name your own location…this is for delivery to your very own special deliver location…just supply us with your address.  

4.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email moc.nehctiksobednull@obed    

Please visit our new website when you can at

Please place your orders anytime before Monday at Midnight

Attire:  Pajamas are just fine 😉