Aug 1, 2016Kids' Corner

Howdy!  This is RUBY.  This Summer I had a bunch of fun. I went everywhere!! I went to New Hampshire, Dollywood, camping at Fall Creek Falls,and after that I went camping at Chester Frost.  I’m also about to go to Bear Cove in Pigeon Forge!

The first place I went this Summer was New Hampshire. We went there for my Aunt Toni’s wedding. We stayed there for a week and had a BLAST!!! We went fishing, swimming, tubing, took rides in the boat, and just hung out with family. Oh yeah one more thing, I have a bunch of cousins so we had a fishing tournament. Guess who won? The GIRLS did!!! The boys were ahead for a long time, but we caught 3 more fish than the boys. On my dads side I have like 8 or 9 cousins and 4 of them are girls. Anyway I had a wonderful time.

I also went to Dollywood and rode every single roller coaster there! I went 4 times this Summer and we are about to go back.  I am THANKFUL!  I also got to ride the Lightning Rod and believe me its worth it. It goes so fast. You can’t even smile it goes so fast.  They’ve closed the ride for now.  Hopefully it will open again soon!!  It tops all the rides at Dollywood for sure.

We also went camping at Fall Creek Falls Tennessee State Park. It is the best place to camp in the whole entire world!!! There’s, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, bike trails, an Inn, waterfalls, and many more fun activities and adventures. My favorite hiking trail is hiking along the Fall Creek Gorge to the Cane Creek Gorge. Its about a 2 hour hike to a beautiful waterfall called Cane Creek Falls. There are many swimming holes on the hike. My 3 favorite swimming holes are the George hole, Blue Hole(you have to hike to it), and the Crusher Hole(it is right outside the park in an extension to the park). We camp there every year for 2 weeks. If you were to camp anywhere I would recommend Fall Creek Falls.

I went to Chester Frost Campground with my grandparents and cousins for 2 days. We went swimming and fishing and we rode bikes. I ran into a sign while riding my bike and scratched my knee really bad. That’s all I did this Summer, which is a lot,  and I have had Fun.

Also order some of my momma’s Gazpacho (pictured above). It is my favorite!! If you have not tried it you need to.