How Some Do

Feb 19, 2016Uncategorized

How do I order?  What’s on your menu?  I get all kinds of questions.  For those that figure out how ‘Debo’s Kitchen’ works…it’s great for them.

The clipping in the picture above is from one of my weekly customers.  This is how she likes to make requests.  I puree for her.  She cannot swallow whole foods, so we make Debo’s to suit her needs.  While she is thumbing through a magazine if she sees something she craves, she clips it out and we make it happen.

We are really flexible at Debo’s Kitchen.  If you cannot receive deliveries at your office then we will deliver to your home.  If you cannot be home for deliveries, then we find a shady spot on your porch for a cooler (that we provide) full of Debo Goodness.

Place your order today.  Go online and fill your shopping cart.  If that doesn’t suit you, then email/text/call us with your order.  If you’re simply just too busy…tell us your likes/dislikes and we will come up with a weekly menu to fit your needs.  We look forward to hearing from you!!