Grilled Pumpkin Soup

Oct 31, 2014In the Garden, Savor!, Seasonal, Weekly Specials

This next week we will be grilling a fall favorite…PUMPKINS.  From what I have researched the pumpkin pictured above is known as a Red Kuri Pumpkin/Squash…if you know any different, please let me know.  I discovered this pumpkin last year, fall 2013.  It’s beautiful deep orange color and unique shape made it hard for me to pass up and give it a try.  Yes when most are buying a pumpkin like this to adorn their fall decor, I just couldn’t pass it up and give it a try for SOUP.  It’s full sweet flavor has risen above any other pumpkin I have ever cooked with.  My grilled pumpkin soup has turned out to be a fall favorite for many customers. We are excited for it’s return.  It is low in fat, VEGAN, Savory and full of flavor.  Order your quart for next weeks delivery.