Good ‘Ole Encyclopedia

Sep 11, 2015Uncategorized

Ok…so disregard the dust in the picture above…I procrastinate that;)  When you were a child where did you go for your information?  Most of the time this is where I went.  For I procrastinated that too, and by the time I needed the information, the library was closed and not to mention a far drive away.  This shelf of Encyclopedias helped write many papers for grade school.

Now it’s a click on Google for information or a click on Pinterest when you need a cool idea.  This week I needed a cupcake topper for a customer…not something I do everyday.  She just said something in the school colors.  These cupcakes are for the football cheerleaders before the game today.  Of course I found something fabulously FUN on Pinterest.  Go to my Instagram page to see what I came up with.   #justfun