Going Great

Aug 21, 2015Weekly Specials

REFRESHING LETTUCE SOUP is back on the menu for the end of the summer. ORDER SOME 🙂

Hey Y’all. Everybody seems to be LOVING this end of summer/back to school sale, so I are going to keep it going a little longer. I was going to make a batch of Debo’s Down-home Homemade Beef “Fresh Noodle” Goodness, but I am putting that off for a bit cooler weather.

Some of my products are LIMITED, so you are only guaranteed them if you order online where inventory is kept up with. Otherwise email me and I will let you know if it is still in stock.

I’ve updated the SUMMER SPECIAL…offering one quart of gazpacho and two HALF pints of cheeses or chicken salad of your choice. Our Gazpacho is our most popular summer item. Serve it with a grilled cheese. Serve it alongside steamed rice and grilled chicken. Serve it alongside your tacos in place of salsa. Serve it with tortilla chips for dipping, add a half pint of loaded cilantro spread to accompany. Send us your Gazpacho serving ideas…we also have been seen drinking a serving while driving 🙂

Y’all put the bread on our table and we THANK YOU for that! I always looking forward to hearing from you!