Want to pal around with some farm animals and cook a real Southern breakfast? We got you.
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Victoria House guest experience feeding farm animals

A Southern Breakfast For Beginners

Hey y’all. I would like to invite you to my Farm to teach you my Secret Family Recipes and Techniques for the Best Homemade Southern Biscuits and Gravy, Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs and Bacon.

We will start off with an introduction to ‘Quila the Miniature Goat, Quinley the Miniature Pig, Duke the Rooster, and Hazzard the Bunny on our way to collect eggs from The Hens…and yes, they have names too. We will then collect the eggs, and head inside to thoroughly wash up to head to the kitchen.

Best biscuit experience ever!

I will welcome you into my Farmhouse Kitchen where I grew up. Where I first learned to cook before I went to Culinary School. It was at Culinary School that I taught my instructor how to make Homemade Southern Biscuits . Really, though .

I will furnish all ingredients and an apron.
There is no need for you to bring anything…except your camera for selfies with your favorite new Farm Friends. Please come hungry because there is nothin’ better than fresh butter on a hot biscuit straight from the oven and a plate full of biscuits, gravy, eggs and bacon.

You can expect to leave with a box of your very own “made from scratch” Homemade Southern Biscuits and Gravy. Y’all Come!

A Southern Breakfast For Beginners

Ages 16+
Parents can bring children 5+
Groups up to 6 people

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Southern biscuit making experience in Debos Kitchen at the Victoria House
We loved the animals and cooking lesson thank you so much and appreciate the fun.
The Pluchos Family

The Victoria House Bed and Breakfast