Feb 21, 2013On Another Note...

I like the NOUN definition of diet.  I find that it’s the VERB definition of diet that I don’t care for.  When I Googled it, this is what I found:

diet (n) * The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats

diet  (v) * To restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight 🙁

…it’s that word “restrict”

restrict  (v)  * To confine within limits…WHAT…seriously?!?!?!

WHOA…hold on now!  Restrict…Confine…UGH!!!  THOSE ARE NOT WORDS that should be uttered when discussing what I habitually eat!

I took a pole.  I went on my Debo’s Kitchen Page on FaceBook and I asked, “when I say diet, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?”.  Here are the responses that I got:

  • something I desperately need to do
  • no chocolate
  • not gonna do it
  • I’m hungry
  • no soda or sweets…I’m not so good at this
  • not simple
  • I’m hungry too
  • starvation
  • deprivation

There was not one positive thought about that four letter word.  Is diet only positive when you don’t have to diet???   I know that is not true.  Diet can be positive.  Don’t think about what you cannot eat, but DO think about what you can eat!!!  Transform any negative thoughts about “diet” into something positive.

Keep a journal.  Write down your positives (I had only fruits or vegetables as snacks today) and your negatives and what surrounds them (I ate an entire bag of chips while I was stressed about the pile of bills I was writing out).  Keeping track of what makes “diet” negative can help you transform the situation next time.  Try not eating anything while your sitting at your desk/writing out bills….try only drinking OR cut up two apples and snack on them instead of chips 🙂  Don’t beat yourself up when you eat that bag of chips, instead…write it down in your journal and next time make a mental note to change the situation.  Celebrate the triumphs !!! because whatever you “think” becomes how you “feel” and in turn affects what you “do”…Think>Feel>Do…think positive, feel good, do better!

My adventure started for me at a young age.  I was overweight as a child and diet first entered my vocabulary at the age of 13.  I chose to “diet” with my parents and lost 40 pounds at the age of 13.  Thus, learning at a young age how to eat correctly, which has been a huge benefit my whole life.  Therefore it’s incorrect grammar, but safe to say, “I’ve been on a “diet” most of my life”.  I made a change to my “diet” at the age of 35.  I chose to stop eating simple carbohydrates.  I switched to completely whole grains with almost no processed foods/no refined sugars&flours…it’s been the best change in my diet EVER.  Notice I refer to “diet” as something positive I’ve embraced almost my entire life.  Make that choice…think positive>feel good>eat right!