Feb 5, 2016Weekly Specials

Pictured above…Our Victorian Stuffed Acorn Squash (Turkey Stuffing).  We are thinking about adding it to the menu in the future.  Is it something you would order?  Let us know.

We have been making cakes and cupcakes for a while now for several customers.  When birthdays roll around my kiddos have tall requests and it’s always fun to make their cake dreams come true.  We thought we would open up the confection door for all.  Take a look at our new Confection Category on our menu.

This week we are putting our BEEF LASAGNA back on the menu, but we have added an EXTRA selection.  You may order it classic style with pasta in between or order it with thinly sliced vegetable layers instead of pasta…we are excited about this addition.

We have added Tuna Salad to the menu and a ‘small’ sized salad to our Twisted Salad option.

Please place your orders by Sunday.  As always we look forward to hearing from you. XOXO