Change Is Good

Jan 15, 2016On Another Note..., Weekly Specials

(pictured above…a grilled cheese with our Original Pimiento Cheese 🙂

Just a brief update for for all newcomers…WELCOME aboard by the way 🙂  We lost an entire freezer full of inventory over the holiday season.  That is the reason for our sparse assortment at our online store.  We are thankful to be back up and running.  One soup and one week at a time, our inventory will be back to normal.

Most of the time “change is good” and in this case it has been. Over the past 7 years (yes, Debo’s Kitchen turned 7 in December of last year…WOW!) we have had various requests.  With the humbling changes happening lately, I have been able to take a moment and reassess requests from customers and we have some new options available.

Soups are now available by the pint size only.  If you would like a quart…order two pints 😉 If you would like to feed the masses via Debo’s Kitchen, please email me 3 weeks ahead of time and I can give you some bulk ordering options.  i.e. by the quart or gallon.

We now have a “no bag” option.  Most of our soups come frozen in freezer ZIPLOC bags.  Several of our patrons do NOT like thawing and messing with “the bag”.  Let’s say you are buying for your elderly parent/friend…it will be much simpler for them if you select the “no bag” option.

Is there something else you would like for us to “change”?  Please email us.  We listen.