To Blog Or Not To Blog

Jan 30, 2015On Another Note..., Uncategorized

Yes, we’ve been OPEN this month. When we close for a week there will be a “without a doubt, Debo’s Kitchen IS CLOSED” notification posted on our website. That will be the most sure way to know if we are Open/Closed.

“You didn’t send out an email/blog post”, Favorite Customer Said. When you don’t receive an email/blog post, please know that this means we are up to our eyeballs in something and I didn’t take the time to sit at the computer and blog…like…painting rooms in our new home, or we are on a field trip with one of the kiddos, or we are simply giddy and distracted about a few snowflakes (pictured above), etc…

So YES, we are OPEN and we are anxious to hear from you!