Back To School…Already

Aug 1, 2016Weekly Specials

It is really hard to believe it is quite that time.  I miss my kiddos already!  I miss our time together.  It makes me cherish the long summer evenings that linger even after they start back to school.

We are going to ring in the new school year with introducing TWO new cheeses.  Our Deep South Pimiento Cheese and Old Fashioned Pimiento Cheese will not disappoint.  Click on each to read more about it.  If you are already placing an order for other items, make a note on the order form and ask for a sample of each.


I always look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.  It’s your weekly/monthly/annual orders and then seeing your faces at delivery time that keep me going.  It’s your comments, “We don’t really care what container it comes in or what the label looks like, as long as we get your chicken salad”.  It’s YOU that keeps me going and Debo’s Kitchen alive.  THANK YOU!!!