An Easter tradition

Apr 16, 2015Kids' Corner

Hi my name is Ruby and I will be telling you about an easter version of baseball that  my family and I made up made up. It all started in 2012 when we had left over easter eggs(boiled)  and there weren’t many people here so we were thinking what to do and then we just started playing baseball with the eggs!!!! We thought we should make it a tradition at our house. The adults and my grandparents even do it!!

This year it started with coloring eggs 2 days before Easter and there was a tornado watch at my house. One of my cousins(Eve) was there and we were coloring eggs and eating popcorn. My brother Luke was there to. When we finished we went to the safest place in the house(underneath the stairs) and watched Monsters University and then about 30 mins into the movie the power went out. There ended up being no tornado that night and we were safe. Me and Eve slept in my room and Luke slept underneath the stairs.

The next day passed as Eve left and then it was Easter. When I woke up I went to the couch like I usually do and  Luke and I ate some captin crunch. When we finished we went to church and came back home and then it was easter baseball time!!!!!! My Aunt Rachel and her kids Jack and Hank colored adopt 5 dozen eggs.We colored about 9 dozen. so together we colored about 14 dozen eggs!! Thats alot. We played with all the eggs exept 2 dozen.

This is what you need to play:

.1 bat(we use metal)

. a couple dozen of colored boiled eggs

. someone to pitch and someone to be hind catcher

Here are the rules:

First every one that is going to bat get in a line and the pitcher and hind catcher get into their spots. Next the batter get in position. last start playing.

Its a very fun and easy way to spend Easter and I hope you decide to try this at your home. When I hear the word Ester I think of 4 things Christ’s resurrection, going to church, praying with my family, and spending time with family and friends.