A New Meaning to Wear Green

Mar 8, 2013On Another Note...

This time of year brings to mind Corned Beef and Cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie with Lamb and enjoying a green beer :).  If you’re “lucky” enough to live in a festive town, you may get to enjoy a St. Patrick’s Day parade or other St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

I don’t know about you, but on St. Patrick’s Day it’s that one day a year when I’m rummaging, last minute, through my closet to find that one green article of clothing to wear for the day to avoid being pinched by any leprechauns that may pass my way.

This year there’s a whole new reason to wear green.  As I’m sitting at breakfast with my inlaws (from Bethel, Connecticut) we are discussing the festive & secular reasons why we make a point to wear green this one time of the year.   My father in law brings to mind that some people in the area where they live wear green and white every day.  For their neighboring town is Newtown, Connecticut where The Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy took place in December 2012.  Sandy Hook Elementary School colors were green and white.  People now wear green and white in remembrance of the lives and families that were affected that day.

In a way we were all affected that day.  This year when you put on your green, (YES…do it to avoid getting pinched), but also take a moment to say a prayer for the community and remember those directly affected that December day in Newtown, Connecticut.