a “Chili” day

Sep 20, 2012Food & Friends

In more ways than one, it was a “chili” day.  In fact now that I think of it, I can recall at least four ways.

I awoke to the reality of knowing my cousin began chemo last night…again.   For he is in the hospital now for a relapse of cancer…that in itself is a not so warm and cozy thought to wake up to…it’s “chili” in a sense…down right cold.  It’s reality right now.

In our normal morning routine…I’m packing lunches for school…I hear my husband shiver and gasp as he steps outside to grab the morning paper…it is “chili” outside.  A nice turn of the weather.  He returns from outside and kinda startles me.  He says, “well look who’s in the paper”.  I had forgotten.  A smile approaches my face as I remember and see…it’s me 🙂  My first article as “Debo’s Kitchen”.  My “Kitchen” and my “chili” recipes for the season.

The kiddos are off to school and I am off on a mission.  A mission to pick up my cousin’s puppy.  They, my cousin and his wife, won’t be able to care for the new addition to their lives right now…something else has taken over.

I have the puppy in my possession and decide that I haven’t yet reached my peak in coffee intake…so I stop at the nearest coffee shop.  I am getting out of my car and I have to stop because this lady is also getting out of her car.  I let her get out first.  Lo and behold…it’s “the chili lady”….really it can’t be?  Seriously she mustn’t mind being referred to as “the chili lady”.  Occasionally she would waiver from her “usual” bowl of chili, but that was her standing order…and she liked it really hot to boot.  We knew when she walked in to start heating a bowl of chili for her, extra hot 🙂 I haven’t seen this lady since the last time she came into our Deli (Anziano’s Deli from July 2001-September 2008) The likelihood of running into her this “chili” daythe odds…really it was her.

She looked at me, I looked at her…we hugged.  She spoke of the article.  I smiled.  I said, seriously the odds of running into you today…the “chili” article…we just smiled at one another.  I bought her coffee.  We sat down together and visited (while I was constantly checking on the puppy, “pickles”, is her name, by the way)…we rekindled our friendship for a good 30 minutes over coffee, the chili article, and the facts about her surviving cancer twice.  It was a great day.

Click HERE to view the article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press

It was a “chili” kinda day